Learn n’ Turn Toddler Feeding Utensil’s innovative design allows you to adjust the angle of the spoon to help babies and toddlers feed themselves easily.

The spoon or fork attachments can rotate to various positions, creating the proper angle so food can be easily placed into his or her mouth. As your child’s wrists and hands develop. And their dexterity improves , you can adjust the angle of the spoon or fork accordingly.

Eventually your child will be eating with the Learn ‘N’ Turn in the straight position, just like a conventional spoon!

– BPA and lead free
– Angle adjusts as your child’s coordination develops
– Interchangeable fork and spoon attachments, two utensils in one!
– Available in 4 fun colours
– Rotates in either direction, perfect for left and right handed children
– Award winning design: recipient of Parent Tested Parent approved award

Winter Special #3 | Learn n Turn Feeding Utensil: Now only $10 until August 31st 2014.