I must admit the Sumo Snack Dispenser was not high on my top ten ZoLi products but as time has gone by it’s slowly crept it’s way up to my top 3! Let me explain why. This morning, as I packed for an outing with the kid links, I ran through the never ending checklist of what needs to be lugged with me and of course food was high on that list. I love to offer Little Miss fresh fruit when she is hungry and in my crisper I had kiwi fruit, strawberries and carrot. Perfect! But not so perfect. The strawberries need to be washed, stalks removed and cut in half as they are huge. The kiwi fruit needs to be peeled and cut and same for the carrot, which means I need three containers. In a parallel universe I may have reverted to packing processed food as it was all too hard but Sumo to the rescue! I only had to find the one container to take all three! It’s been this situation that I have found myself in many a time and the Sumo has been my saviour. I do own other containers but having to rummage and find three lids for said containers sends me batty and apart from the ease of having the three containers in one, the size of each is fantastic, I’ve even put sandwich squares in one of the compartments before 🙂

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So when we arrived for our morning outing and Little Miss decided she’d like a snack I pulled out one container and unscrewed each compartment to reveal three different, fresh, delicious fruits and vegetables (which I enjoyed as well!) and spread then out on the table for her choosing. Thank you Sumo for a lovely morning snack and coming on our outing!

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If you would like to purchase a ZoLi SUMO Snack Dispenser, use coupon code “SUMO2014” at checkout for a 10% discount! (Valid until Sept 30th 2014)