Baby’s nose blocked? Try the ZoLi Baby Nasal Aspirator!

It’s the beginning of cold and flu season and as much as you’d like to put baby in a bubble and keep them protected from all the nasties, the reality is they will get sick sometime during that first 24 months, probably more than once, twice, three times, so you’ll have to deal with baby snot!

Obviously bub is way too small to blow their nose, the day they learn is an absolute game changing milestone, so for the meantime they’ll require assistance. One of the absolute best products on the market is the ZoLi Breathe – a battery-operated nasal aspirator, aka snot sucker. Works within a second, clears out the nasal passage and is extremely easy to clean!

I’ve seen and heard about a lot of alternatives including:

– A long clear tube with one end placed in bubs nose and the other in your mouth so you can suck out the snot – let’s face it, eeewwww, gross!

– A bulb that looks like an old bike horn that suctions snot out when squeezed and released- tried and failed. Bulb was thrown across room in shear frustration!

– An attachment you can place on the vacuum cleaner – oh hell no! Like my bubs brains where they are thanks!

I’ve used the ZoLi Breathe Nasal Aspirator at ungodly hours of the morning where I’ve simply leaned over the cot, gently placed the tip up to the nasal passage, pressed the suction action on for a second, repeated on the other side and then have been able to quickly do a resettle and get back to bed myself! Brilliant!