Our 6 month old is just about to start solids and in turn, drink water, so begins the introduction of a sippy cup. I remember the struggle we encountered when introducing water to our first. She couldn’t tip a cup upside down to drink enough. Cups without handles on the side were too hard to hold, and constantly slipped out of her tiny hands. Some openings let the water rush out and choked the poor luv and others needed the suck of a high powered vacuum to get a drop. It can be a very frustrating search! A check list of desirable attributes of our perfect sippy cup was therefore:
– Handles: so tiny hands can easily lift and hold the cup
Easy to tilt or require no tilting at all- once water is added to the cup it can be heavy enough lifting it without then needing to tip it to drink
Spill free- nothing worse that having to clear up water all the time, as your baby will constantly drop, throw and knock over the cup
Hard wearing- because of the constant dropping,throwing and knocking over 🙂
Easy to drink from- lets out enough water to quench thirst but not so much that the poor child drowns!
After spending way too much time and too much money we finally found the holy grail of sippy cups for us, the ‘ZoLi Bot’.
Easy to hold handles either side.
A weighed straw sippy cup, eliminating the need to tip, although if they do, the clever weight on the end of the straw will follow and they can continue to drink.
Hard wearing -Our two year old has used hers constantly for the past 2 years and we have never had a problem. We have replaced the straw, which is very easy to do, but apart from that this the cup keeps on going. Missy has put that cup through the ringer! It’s been knocked off the high chair more times than I’ve wiped her food stained faced, it’s been piffed across the kitchen as her new trick which she thinks is hilarious and as for how many times it’s been dropped…….. let’s just say loads!
Easy to drink from. Master 6 months has had no problems at all!

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I’ve recommended the Bot to all my friends and all have always reported back favourably. There is also a growing number of celebrities that have been spotted out and about with baby and Bot, including Pink, Natalie PorSarah Jessica Parker, Jessica Alba, Hillary Duff, Tori Spelling. I’ve even had a friend bond with another mother whilst in Fiji on holiday. Smiling at each other from different tables at lunch after spotting matching Bot’s, the mother lent forward and said, “They’re the perfect sippy cup aren’t they?!”

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